SpectraLab is an optional, add-on module to the PrintVision/Jupiter for on-press, in-line spectral measurements, which can measure up to 15 colors across the web. The system is composed of a unique Spectral Measurement Unit (SMU) working in conjunction with the PV/Jupiter inspection system.

SpectraLab measures the colors automatically, by sampling user-selected points on the web – from the image or from the color targets. SpectraLab delivers on-line, absolute color values that correlate with color measurements made off-line by the press quality assurance departments and/or by the end customers.

The measured colors are reported during run-time to the PV/Jupiter system displays. SpectraLab measurements are in conformance with the recognized ISO standards for graphic arts color measurement devices (including ISO 13655 and ISO 5-3).

Using SpectraLab’s automated measurements, printers can satisfy their customer’s increasing demands for more detailed and more accurate color quality monitoring.

Features & Benefits:

  • In-line, absolute color and density measurement
  • Results match off-line spectrophotometer measurements
  • Measurements can be repeated throughout the job, as often as required, at no additional labor cost
  • Accurate color measurements can be made anywhere on the printed web throughout the entire production run
  • CIE L*a*b results and ISO-standard Status T or Status E density
  • Color consistency and accurac
  • Up to 15 ink colors on any job
  • Clear or opaque substrates, front-or reverse-printed
  • Especially suited for Flexo and Gravure production
  • Quick, easy and intuitive operation
  • Spectral data reports presented in clear, easy-to-read format, including running history, color comparison, and more
  • SpectraLab provides a significant value to press operators by providing the capability to specifically ‘print to the numbers’ supplied by the end customer
  • SpectraLab eliminates the inefficient off-line color measurements and multiple press stops
  • These comprehensive measurements can thoroughly document color quality and provide valuable feedback on press performance