Innovative inline spectral measurement

SpectraLab is AVT’s on-press Spectral measurement module, measuring absolute L*a*b*, Density, and
Dot Gain measurement. The system ensures consistent color printing all along the print run, compared to the original brand owner colors.
SpectraLab supports the highest production speeds and measures color on variety of substrates – from paper and carton to flexible materials.
This optional module serves as an add-on to AVT’s 100% inspection platforms, to new or existing AVT systems. It complies with ISO standards (including ISO 13655 and ISO 5.3), industry needs, and comparable with your offline devices.

SpectraLab ensures you print “to the numbers”, saves time and costly press stops and supports your color make ready. The system includes enhanced color reporting capabilities as well as immediate alerts, when colors shift out of tolerance. SpectraLab supports any common file standards and communicates easily with 3rd party reporting systems and databases.