For the health and beauty products, superior visual appeal on the printed package sends a powerful signal that drives consumer choice.

With AVT solutions monitoring all aspects of image quality, the printer and converter have the state-of-the-art vision technology to consistently produce eye-catching packages, quickly and economically.

The latest machine vision technology identifies print defects, text errors and misregister on the widest range of package constructions – whether blister packs, reflective, embossed, or clear films ensuring the perfect finish, time and time again. Automated connectivity ties printing press, rewinder, or die station to MIS and PrePress. This powerful linkage maintains quality standards across every package, even for a large portfolio of SKUs.

From high resolution process control to offline proofing, AVT’s inspection platforms for the cosmetic industry increase quality, reduce inspection time and accelerate time to market. Contact us to find out more on how you can push your business to the next level with AVT’s inspection systems.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Argus Turbo HD

  • Superb Inspection for paper, film, foil
  • Barcode verification
  • In-line spectral color measurement
  • Clear on clear inspection
  • Workflow end-to-end connectivity

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100% Inspection

Apollo Turbo HD

  • Hi-res detection at any speed
  • In-line spectral color measurement
  • Run-time PDF comparison
  • Workflow end-to-end connectivity

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High Res Process Control


  • Automated GoTo defect
  • Barcode grading
  • Register & pressure controls
  • Haze monitoring


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Digital Print

Helios D

  • For EP or inkjet
  • 100% print inspection
  • Barcode quality control
  • Connects to Esko Automation EngineTM

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Offline Proofing


  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Layers management
  • Missing, added, or broken text
  • CFR 2s1 Part 11 validation

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