Achieving quality images on flexible packaging requires constant attention to a host of possible print defects – misregistration, streaks, splashes, color variation, faulty text, hazing, flawed coatings & varnishes. 

AVT responds to these challenges with an integrated bundle of process control and print quality inspection, available from a robust family of systems.

Our end-to-end strategy handles production steps from press to laminator to doctoring machine.  The advantages of this comprehensive approach are proven every day.  

AVT systems are the most widely used, top-end print inspection solution in the packaging industry today.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Argus Turbo HD

  • Superb Inspection for paper, film, foil
  • Barcode verification
  • In-line spectral color measurement
  • Clear on clear inspection
  • Workflow end-to-end connectivity

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High Res Process Control


  • Automated GoTo defect
  • Barcode grading
  • Register & pressure controls
  • Haze monitoring
  • In-line spectral measurement


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Flexible Packaging
for HP Indigo

Apollo 20K 

  • Designed for HP 20000 Flexible Packaging press
  • 100% Detection at any web speed
  • Run-time PDF comparison
  • Coating & reflective inspection
  • Workflow connectivity, end to end

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Proof Prints Offline


  • Detects missing and broken text
  • Inspects proofs or prints
  • Finds color differences
  • Optimized for large formats


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Verify Prepress Files


  • Finds missing or added text
  • Pixel by pixel check
  • Handles multipage inspection
  • Performs multilingual inspection

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