Proven around the globe, AVT has earned the trust of brand owners, and the confidence of leading carton makers time and again.

Whether it’s inspecting text; validating bar codes, monitoring coatings, or even discovering stray, foreign contaminants in carton board — AVT vision systems have the sensitivities necessary to get the job done.

Cartons produced by analog, digital or even hybrid workflows can be fully monitored. For each workflow, optional connections to pre-press and MIS are available to be sure that expensive minutes on-press are not lost to lengthy job set-up. And, AVT’s clear, intuitive user interfaces present up-to-the moment quality feedback that empowers operators to produce top quality at top speeds.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Argus Turbo HD

  • Hi-res detection at any speed
  • In-line spectral color measurement
  • Run-time PDF comparison
  • Workflow Link,  end-to-end connectivity

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Digital Print

Helios D

  • For EP or inkjet or hybrid presses
  • Detects spots & streaks
  • Automated print engine calibration
  • Connects to Esko Automation Engine™

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Digital, Remote Ink Control


  • Exact control of inking for litho presses
  • Inking profiles pre-set from CtP
  • Quick, accurate color on repeat jobs
  • Boosts productivity for all skill levels

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Proof Prints Offline


  • Detects missing and broken text
  • Inspects proofs or prints
  • Finds color differences
  • Optimized for large formats


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Verify Prepress Files


  • Finds missing or added text
  • Pixel by pixel check
  • Handles multidesign inspection
  • Automated die line inspection

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