Special Trade-In offer for old Helios Owners

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Legacy Helios End-of-Service and Special Transition
Program Extended due to COVID-19¹


Sign up for the AVT Helios Regeneration Program to enjoy:

  • Significant discount on renewal of your outdated Helios equipment, including full trade-in options.
  • A full audit of your current print inspection and quality control operation.
  • Assessment of your future business requirements and current gaps.
  • Customized ramp-up plan designed based on your production needs and budget, whether small or large.
  • Continuous opportunity to participate in AVT’s customer surveys and take an active part in defining future technologies and products 

¹ Understanding the situation you and most of our customers are experiencing these days, we have decided to extend the End-of-Service period for our Legacy Helios systems, from July 31st, 2020 to December 31st,2020, according to the following guidelines:

  • AVT will continue to provide on-call service and repairs till December 31st.
  • Spare parts availability not guaranteed beyond July 31st and will be managed under ‘best-effort’ policy.
  • AVT will continue to fully service customers under an existing service contract up to the contract expiration date.


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