For today’s leading brands, ID colors, carefully chosen and rigorously managed, are the cornerstone of brand identity.  So, robust color management systems have become an essential customer service for today’s printers and converters.

AVT’s color measurement instruments operate in-line, at production speeds. Color compliance is reliably tracked recorded the PrintFlow SQL database reporting mechanisms.  AVT ensures that the pressroom will serve as a dependable part of a superior color management solution.

Absolute, in-line spectral color


  • True ISO graphic arts spectrophotoemeter
  • Measure in-line at press speeds
  • Check throughout the roll without stopping
  • Read/write to X-Rite ColorCert

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Up to the minute color trends


  • Monitor color difference trends, on-press
  • Alerts for out of tolerance color error
  • Document results in Printflow II reports
  • Select critical image elements for color checks

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Spectral closed-loop control for Offset


  • Absolute spectral color for litho webs
  • Closed-loop color control for all leading litho presses
  • Reduces start-up waste & time
  • compliance displayed live at press side

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