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  • How it works
  • Benefits

An integrated quality control solution for Inkjet press manufacturers


AVT’s Jet-IQ system allows digital printers to gain a competitive advantage through enhanced print quality at high speeds, reduced press downtime and full reporting capabilities. An advanced OEM inkjet printing solution, Jet-IQ maintains inkjet printing quality and reduces ink consumption and waste, while machine set-up, ease of operation, substrate validation and comprehensive support of the entire digital workflow, result in high-quality digital print jobs.


To achieve high-level closed loop inkjet inspection, AVT works closely with inkjet press manufacturers and integrators to generate and detect inkjet defect warnings and determine the action plan required beyond process and random print defects, including dynamic inkjet calibration, nozzle compensation in multiple heads, color uniformity, print head alignment and color registration.









Jet-IQ’s in-line line scanners (Contact Image scanners) boast exceptional sensitivity even at tremendous speeds, detecting nozzle out conditions, misplaced pico-dots and malfunctioning jets that the human eye cannot imagine, capturing full size color and spatial data at full press speed. The Jet-IQ system runs on very fast processors, using dedicated algorithms to locate nozzle detection (missing, deviating, weak, crossing), color uniformity control (difference, density, DeltaE, etc.), color-to-color registration measurement and geometrical (accurate position, image-to-substrate, skew, scaling, transport movement, etc.) defects. The Jet-IQ inspection system then compares its findings to reference data and analyzed data is then sent to the press controller.



Increased Press Usage


  • Reduced press downtime
  • Faster print modes
  • Higher utilization of press and ink


Lower Service Costs


  • Remote camera on the press
  • Fewer customer service visits
  • Shorter field calibration process


Reduced R&D and Assembly Line costs


  • Shorter calibration time using automatic processes
  • Smart tools deployed by R&D teams
  • Connectivity to press at any time