AVT’s print inspection technologies for the flat-sheet metal decorating reduce print waste and increase productivity by shortening make ready time and pinpointing emerging defects early on, before they devolve to scrap.

The assurance provided by advanced vision systems, optimized for inspecting ink on metal, opens the door to faster run speeds. In addition, improved quality of the printed sheets significantly reduces the demand for over-prints and re-prints – saving even more waste.

AVT’s automated solutions complement its inspection systems with a full range of productivity-boosting automation.
Mercury digital ink controls improve color consistency sheet-to-sheet and job-to-job; Offline Setup prepares for production ahead of time, based on the PDF of the job.

 As pressure for Just In Time production grows, these automated assists increasingly hold the key to profitable operations.

100% Inspection
for Metal Sheets


  • Inspection, in line, at any speed
  • Options for sheet marking and/or ejection
  • Customizable sensitivity and region of interest 
  • Color consistency monitoring

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Automated Ink Key Control


  • Exact, digital control of ink key profiles
  • Adaptable to any decorator, new or old
  • Inking pre-set from CtP files
  • Fast save & recall of prior job settings
  • Intuitive – easy for all skill levels

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Optimized for PrePress


  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Layers management
  • Missing, added, or broken text
  • CFR 2s1 Part 11 validation 

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Intelligent Check
for Plate & Press


  • Step & repeat sheets
  • Streamlined processing for large files
  • Barcode verification
  • Multi-design inspection

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