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Spezielle Lösung für die 100 % automatische Inspektion beim Etiketten- und Schmalbahn-Digitaldruck


Auf Basis der zuverlässigen, marktbewährten Helios-Produktreihe von AVT ist Helios D eine hervorragende Lösung für die 100 % automatische Druckbildinspektion, die den speziellen Anforderungen von Etiketten und Schmalbahn-Digitaldruckanwendungen gerecht werden soll. Helios D von AVT unterstützt jede Phase im digitalen Produktions-Workflow – angefangen von der Erkennung fehlender Düsen beim Druck bis hin zur umfassenden Qualitätskontrolle und Prozesssteuerung.

Durch die automatische Prüfung von Etiketten oder Verpackungen auf Defekte und Fehler sorgt Helios für höchste Qualität, trägt zur Vermeidung von Kundenreklamationen bei und setzt so neue Maßstäbe für die automatische Druckbildinspektion.


Helios D lässt sich problemlos an jeder Digitaldruckmaschine installieren und erkennt sofort Fehler wie fehlende Düsen, Farbflecken, beschädigte Substrate und Farbabweichungen. Durch diesen Prozess wird der Ausschuss reduziert, die Produktivität erhöht und der Druckkopfstatus kontinuierlich überwacht. Zudem ist Helios D für den reibungslosen Einsatz bei allen Anwendungen und Substraten geeignet – angefangen von Lebensmitteln und Getränken über Arzneimittel und Etikettenpapier bis hin zu transparenten Folien oder stark reflektierenden Metallfolien.




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Helios D allows operators to take corrective measures at the very start of a defect, before waste becomes widespread, including a preventive maintenance scheduler tool which continuously tracks the inkjet print heads.

Helios D is equipped with advanced algorithms to detect specific digital defects, including streaks, non-uniform colors and ink dripping on top of other common print defects, such as Die-cut register and Matrix removal. Once a defect has been detected, a pop-up screen appears, while traffic lights indicate the severity of the defect, enabling operators to take immediate action. The system also detects other label-related defects, such as missing labels, text defects, color variations, mis-registrations, mis-prints, spots and splashes, die-cut registration and more.


Calibration Targets
An advanced setup and press maintenance solution, Helios D is designed to reduce setup time, minimize waste and manage press-related problems prior to running a job. Proprietary AVT calibration targets are printed, giving operators real-time analysis of all quality parameters in a single file, saving significant time in comparing each parameter separately.


Printing Press

When installed on a printing press, Helios D operates as an inline quality assurance and process control solution, alerting on potential print problems and recording every relevant defect. Via an integrated reporting mechanism from press to rewinder, the WorkFlow Link module (optional) is later used for downstream repair on the finishing machine or in quality reports for the end-user. Helios D is also equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, where operators use inline reporting to review job/order/roll reports, edit and export to digital files, or print reports for later material handling.

True Digital Power

Supports shorts runs and print on demand, the key benefits of digital printing. By inspecting each individual label, tracking barcodes and detecting digital defects, Helios D allows customers to enjoy the real benefits of digital printing.


Seamlessly Connects to Your Workflow

With fast and easy automated setup time of one minute or less, clear and concise pop-up messages and smart alerts, Helios D allows operators to take immediate action once a defect starts, minimizing waste and managing press-related problems prior to running a job.


Built-in Archiving and Reporting

Equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, Helios D efficiently handles all data archiving and reporting, including detailed information about the status of inkjet print heads.


Any Application – Any Substrate

Supports all label stock, paper and plastic label stock, flexible, transparent & opaque films, paper & cartons, and thick embossed metalized foils, as well as highly reflective holographic foils and laminates.


Reduces Waste

Significantly reduces waste and production costs, decreases re-prints, and boosts overall productivity and efficiency.






The Helios D includes a rich and varied selection of optional add-on modules built to enhance and support your print inspection process, guaranteeing 100% quality inspection on every print job.


Job Verification Tools


To prevent costly production errors, job verification is performed early in the process, during the setup stage. AVT’s verification toolset includes a robust PDF comparison module that compares every new job to the original PDF digital file or to the previously saved master image in case of re-runs.  


Color Measurement & Monitoring Techniques

An integral part of the print inspection process, inline color monitoring and measurement offers a variety of modules to support the workflow. Inline Delta E color monitoring enables a simple, standard method of alerting on color deviation during print run. In parallel, an inline spectrophotometer delivers real inline, ISO standard, dual-beam spectral color measurements on existing color targets or in image areas for absolute, accurate L*a*b*, density and dot gain measurement with enhanced reporting and a complete color workflow. 


Barcode & Variable Data Verification

AVT’s barcode and variable data verification enables label printers to inspect and verify 100% of the printed 1D and 2D codes as well as human readable items. It detects and alerts on any duplications, missing codes, barcode quality and readability, or any other code validity concerns. The system can compare and validate printed codes against the original database and export complete reports per roll or job.   



Workflow Support

Possibly the most important component of any print job is its workflow – the key to streamlining and standardizing the steps required to carry out a task. AVT Helios D’s range of workflow modules help speed up overall print production via seamless transfer of quality data from the press to the rewinder, to efficiently remove defective material. AVT Workflow Link automatically stops the rewinder at the relevant defect location, saving valuable time and resources and automating the quality assurance process.


Data Collection & Automatic Storage

In order to efficiently collect, analyze and edit the quality PrintFlow data collected by the Helios D inspection platforms, a data management tool (PrintFlow Manager) provides key users with remote data access directly from their desktop. A central automatic storage of job data and roll reports, AVT PrintFlow Central supports central backup of all data, enabling continuous availability of inspection data at all times for analysis, management and complete workflow downstream.


Setup & Automation Tools

The success of any print production process rests on process automation. To ensure quick and secure system setup, save production time and ensure consistent quality standards, several AVT Helios D modules were designed. Modules include communication with existing MIS (ERP) systems in the production facility and remote system setup using offline setup utilities to prepare jobs in advance. This is achieved through connectivity with Esko’s automation engine and pre-press to enable fully-automated setup and inspection for both conventional and digital presses.

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