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Nach dem XRGA-Standard zertifizierte Inline-Farbmesslösung für den Verpackungs- und Etikettendruck


SpectraLab ist ein innovatives Modul für die Inline-Farbmessung und -Farbüberwachung zur effizienten Messung von Farbtargets und Warnung bei Farbabweichungen beim Druckprozess.

SpectraLab misst Farbtargets und Inline-Farben gemäß den über „Offline Setup“ oder ColorCert© oder vom Druckmaschinenbediener eingestellten Toleranzen und absoluten Farbwerten.

Mit einem SMU (Spectral Measurement Unit) wird das SpectraLab-Modul an der Druckmaschine installiert, die mit einer der Inspektionsplattformen von AVT verbunden ist. SpectraLab nimmt die Farbmessung gemäß den anerkannten ISO-Normen für Farbmessungen in der grafischen Industrie, einschließlich ISO 13655 und ISO 5-3, vor und kann auch nach XRGA zertifiziert werden.


Die preisgekrönte SpectraLab-Plattform von AVT, die weltweit schon zigfach installiert wurde, bietet ein neues Maß an Automatisierung für die Farbmessung und eine bessere Übereinstimmung zwischen Inline- und Offline-Farbmessungen gemäß GAM (Global Agreement Model). SpectraLab ermöglicht Ihnen den Druck nach Targets (Vorgaben) – Ihre Farbeinrichtung und Farbproduktion werden unterstützt, und Sie sparen wertvolle Zeit. Kostspielige Unterbrechungen des Druckvorgangs entfallen. Das SpectraLab-Modul arbeitet nahtlos mit den marktführenden Druckbildinspektionssystemen Apollo, Argus und Helios von AVT.


SpectraLab unterstützt folgende AVT-Plattformen:

  • Apollo-Produktreihe
  • Argus-Produktreihe
  • Argus E-Produktreihe
  • Helios-Produktreihe




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Supporting the highest possible production speeds, SpectraLab accurately measures color on a wide variety of substrates, from paper and carton boards, to flexible materials, clear and opaque substrates, surface or reverse print.

SpectraLab’s Measurement Unit obtains measurements in the reflectance domain by means of a dual-beam spectrophotometer that acquires measurements at specific spectral wavelengths. To achieve absolute spectral color measurements from the printed area or from targets, the system consistently measures color patches as small as 6×6 mm, at a maximum speed of 600m/min (1,980 fpm). When colors start to shift out of tolerance, the system alerts on deviations, according to the thresholds defined by the operator. SpectraLab displays the measurement results of each color measured, including color trend over time, and color appearance against the original target color.


Workflow, Archiving & Reporting

All measurements are continuously recorded and can be either displayed in AVT’s reporting mechanism, PrintFlow, exported for further analysis offline or can be connected to X-Rite’s ColorCert©.

SpectraLab supports common file formats, enabling fast and easy communications with 3rd party color libraries and reporting systems

Boosts Productivity

The SpectraLab module ensures consistent color quality on every job and increases overall press productivity. Users gain rapid return on investment (ROI) and save valuable time with fast press set-up and deployment. In turn, customers benefit by reducing waste, resources and production costs, while preventing customer rejections.


Unmatched Color Control & Quality

SpectraLab delivers 100% automated enhanced in-line to off-line color measurement correlation with support for a wide range of presses, substrates and applications. The system detects and alerts absolute spectral color measurements from the printed area or from targets, and reliably measures color patches as small as 6×6 mm, at a maximum speed of 600m/min (1980 fpm).


ColorCert Connectivity

Connectivity to X-Rite’s ColorCert© enhances color performance visibility with clear measurable results to drive performance and color quality consistency to your customers.

The connectivity between SpectraLab & ColorCert is seamless, automating the SpectraLab set-up process, continuously measuring the color targets throughout production and automatically sends the measurements data back to ColorCert.

With this connectivity, you’ll reduce non-productive press time, minimize the number of offline measurements required and simplifies color quality reporting to your customers.


XRGA Standard Certification

XRGA (X-Rite’s Graphic Arts) standard Certification is available for SpectraLab, ensuring that its measurements correlate to your other XRGA Certified handheld devices.

This certification ensures that you use the same metrology standard, thus, utilizing advances in both color science and new international standards, reducing color measurements discrepancies.


Innovative Print Inspection Module

A fully-automated in-line spectral measurement and monitoring module, SpectraLab ensures that you print to the numbers, supporting your color make-ready and production, saving valuable time and costly press stops. SpectraLab works seamlessly on AVT’s market-leading Apollo, Argus and Helios print inspection systems.


Works seamlessly on any application and substrate

SpectraLab accurately measures color on a wide variety of substrates and applications used in the packaging industry., from paper and carton boards, to flexible materials, clear and opaque substrates, surface or reverse print.


Comprehensive color measurement & monitoring

SpectraLab supports ISO standard, dual-beam spectral color measurements on existing color targets or in image areas for absolute, accurate CIE L*a*b*, ISO-standard Status T or Status E density, and Tone Value measurement with enhanced reporting and a complete color workflow. Automatic color calibration is performed periodically during the scanning operation.


Quick Set

Quick Setup provides fast, automatic “zero set-up” time for repeating jobs.




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