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Schützen Sie Ihre Investitionen durch ein Upgrade auf 100%ige Inspektion!

Nun können Sie Ihr jetziges Jupiter-System problemlos auf Argus Turbo HD, die Flaggschiff-Lösung von AVT für 100%ige Druckbildinspektion, AUFRÜSTEN und profitieren von optimaler Qualitätssicherung und Prozesssteuerung in einem Paket!


Beim Upgrade Ihres Jupiter-Systems kombiniert die Argus Turbo HD-Plattform die beiden Kameras zu einer robusten Komplettlösung. Die Argus Turbo-Zeilenkamera übernimmt die permanente 100 %-Bahnbeobachtung, während die Flächenkamera von Jupiter bestimmte Bereiche vergrößert. Die hochauflösenden Zeilenkameras und die in das System integrierten hochmodernen LED-Beleuchtungsfunktionen sorgen für optimale Inspektionsqualität bei jeder Geschwindigkeit.


Durch die 100%ige Inspektion können Sie jede Phase des Produktionsprozesses überwachen – angefangen von der Prüfung der PDF-Datei, um kostspielige Fehler zu vermeiden, über die Druckqualität, verlässliche Farbgebung und Rapportlänge bis hin zur Weiterverarbeitung (mit automatischer Markierung oder einer Workflow-Komplettlösung).


Argus-Modelle: Flexibilität zur Erfüllung IHRER Anforderungen
Zur Unterstützung aller Druckanwendungen und -technologien wird AVT Argus Turbo HD in 2 Produktvarianten angeboten:


Argus E Turbo HD  Kombinierte Einstiegslösung für 100%ige Druckbildinspektion mit Ansicht von Details in Spitzenauflösung und Funktionen für die Prozessteuerung                                            
Argus Turbo HD   Kombinierte High-End-Lösung für 100%ige Druckbildinspektion mit Ansicht von Details in Spitzenauflösung, Funktionen für die Prozesssteuerung und hoch auflösender Bildanalyse per Flächenkamera für bessere Prozesssteuerung

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Upgrading to Argus Turbo HD is quick and easy to install on any press, it capture both random and process print problems, visually indicating both the position and type of defect, and marking all defects for further analysis, archiving and reporting.

The system detects print defects, including color variations, mis-registration, streaks, ink splashes, and misprints. When problems are detected, the operator can immediately address the issue quickly, and correct the relevant defect source.

Workflow, Archiving & Reporting

Equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, the system automatically stores all job data in job archiving for fast setup in the case of reprints, while detection data is logged into the system’s roll and job reporting, including defect location, defect images, and print quality statistics. Operators use in-line reporting to review job/order/roll reports, edit and export final reports to digital files, or to AVT WorkFlow Link to automatically connect to rewinders or slitters, and efficiently remove defective material prior to shipment. The system’s PrintFlow Manager collects relevant PrintFlow data from multiple systems, so that managers and key personnel can easily monitor, analyze and control production quality from their desktop PCs.



Boosts Productivity

The Argus Turbo HD product line ensures consistent print quality on every job and increases overall press productivity. Users gain rapid return on investment (ROI) and save valuable time with fast press set-up deployment. Customers equally benefit, by reducing waste, resources and production costs, while preventing customer rejections.


Unrivalled Print Quality

Argus Turbo HD product line delivers 100% quality assurance and print process control that supports all web presses, substrates, and applications. The system detects and alerts on a wide range of print defects, and marks all defects for further analysis, archiving and reporting.


Unique Print Inspection Process

A fully-automated inspection process, Argus Turbo HD product line offers an intuitive user interface with an easy on-line guide, minimizing job set-up, and detecting critical defects in real time. The system categorizes defects according to defect type, with easy on-screen view, and indicates the precise defect location on the full repeat image.


Works seamlessly on any application and substrate

Supports all web press substrates and applications, including transparent and flexible substrates, foils, paper and cartons, used in the packaging industry.


Regions of Interest (ROI) and “step and repeat” setup

All required setup can be done on one package and automatically set to “step and repeat” on all other packages. The system enables setting different sensitivities/profiles to different regions in the package, for enhanced detection in key areas, or to reduce sensitivities in less critical areas.


Illumination control

Separate control of each illumination source (diffusive, reflective, backlight), is relevant when more than one illumination option is installed (optional Translight and Reflective modules) and enables best image quality and inspection on various jobs and applications


Good material count

Built-in, on-line monitoring of “good to ship” material, ensures sufficient good material is printed prior to the next job change.


Quick Set

Fast, automatic “zero set-up” time for repeating jobs.


Inspection Profiles

Fast, easy generation for seamless set-up and improved control of quality standards.



Argus Turbo HD includes a rich and varied selection of optional add-on modules built to enhance and support your print inspection process, guaranteeing 100% quality assurance and process control on every print job.


Job Verification Tools

To prevent costly production errors, job verification is performed early in the process, during the set-up stage. AVT’s verification toolset includes a robust PDF comparison module that compares every new job to the original PDF digital file or to the previously saved master image in case of re-runs.  


Color Measurement & Monitoring Techniques

AVT’s inline color monitoring and measurement solution offers a variety of modules to support the entire workflow. Inline Delta E color monitoring enables a simple, standard method of alerting on color deviation during print run. Alternatively, an inline spectrophotometer delivers real inline, ISO standard, dual-beam spectral color measurements on existing color targets or in image areas for absolute, accurate L*a*b*, density, and dot gain measurement with enhanced reporting and a complete color workflow. 


Workflow Support

Argus Turbo HD’s range of workflow modules help accelerate overall print production via seamless transfer of quality data from the press to the rewinder, to efficiently remove defective material. AVT Workflow Link automatically stops the rewinder at the relevant defect location, saving valuable time and resources, and automating the quality assurance process.


Data Collection & Automatic Storage

In order to efficiently collect, analyze and edit the quality: PrintFlow data collected by the Argus Turbo HD inspection platform, a data management tool (PrintFlow Manager) provides key users with remote data access directly from their desktop. PrintFlow Central is a central automatic storage of job and roll reports, supporting central automatic backup of all data, and enabling continuous availability of inspection data at all times, for analysis, management, and complete workflow downstream.


Setup & Automation Tools

To ensure quick and secure system setup, save on production time, and guarantee high quality standards, several Argus Turbo HD modules were designed. Modules include communication with existing MIS (ERP) systems in the production facility, and remote system setup using offline setup utilities to prepare jobs in advance. The AutoSet option enables automatic system setup for both conventional and digital presses, through connectivity with Esko’s automation engine and pre-press data.


Press Control

Faster and automated Flexo press make ready is critical in today’s short print runs and the increasing number of designs and jobs per day. To achieve faster and shorter press make ready, AVT tools include automatic register control, automatic plate and anilox pressure controls, to save valuable time, reduce waste and accelerate the production process.

Supporting Special Applications

When it comes to Varnish or ColdSeal, Argus Turbo HD is equipped with various options to view and inspect clear varnish, using either UV light or special dedicated optics. Coldseal viewing and print to Coldseal register, can be viewed and controlled using AVT’s Rite seal option.

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