Litalsa Enhances Print Production with additional AVT Inspection Systems

"With AVT’s solutions, we have total process control, solving problem in real-time, reducing losses and increasing overall productivity," says Jesús Ubierna, Deputy General Manager at Litalsa.

Oyón, Spain & Hod-Hasharon, Israel – Litalsa, one of the largest independent lithography and varnishing companies in the world, has relied on AVT’s print inspection solutions for its various printing lines since 2013. So far, the Spanish operation has invested in five AVT Titan 100% inspection solutions.

Since its creation in 1972, Litalsa has come a long way. It has established itself as a pioneer in the use of the most advanced technology in the field of lithography This allowed them to become one of the largest independent lithography and varnishing companies in the world, and its achievements have received substantial industry recognition in the last two years. Of note, it was named one of the 10 best companies in Europe in 2015 and 2016, it won the prestigious European Business Award and Best World Award.

“AVT helps us to achieve these successes,” says Jesús Ubierna, Deputy General Manager at Litalsa: “We have worked with AVT for many years. During that time, they have customized their solutions to our needs, which have been growing as we have increased our printing and varnishing lines. With our five AVT Titan 100% inspection solutions, practically our entire production is covered.  This allows us to have total control of the all-important print production process, improve the printing quality, ensure color consistency, and solve any problem in real-time, hence reducing losses and increasing overall productivity.”

He continues: "When a defect is detected, an alarm light alerts the operator and the system visually indicates the position and nature of all defects on screen. The operator can then solve the problem. AVT’s Titan automatically registers the information, allowing easy tracking of marked defects for further analysis. The system is also capable of activating ejectors to automatically flush defective sheets, and can even connect to the press feeder to stop printing if a defect in the process becomes severe."


All in on AVT Print Inspection Systems: A true believer

Currently Litalsa has four printing lines, and all of them are equipped with an AVT Titan. Ubierna comments: "In fact, we have just installed one on our KBA MetalStar3 Sheet-fed Press, and the integration and connectivity with the AVT solution were outstanding. If we decide to invest in more lines, we will not hesitate to work with AVT again.”

Each Titan system at Litalsa is also connected to AVT’s advanced workflow & automation solutions, including PrintFlow Manager, which provides full access to reports and statistics, improving external communication with customers; PrintFlow Central, an archiving solution that ensures automatic storage of inspection data; and

Offline Setup, which enables enhanced setup consistency and suitability between operators, where all settings are made by the same operator for all AVT Titan inspection systems. Ideal for short run print jobs, AVT’s Offline Setup is the first and only solution on the market today to effectively shorten setup time and reduce waste created during setup, when using the original customer-approved PDF as a guide.

Litalsa’s printing lines are also equipped with AVT’s Mercury, a highly intuitive, remote ink-keys control station that provides fast and accurate ink control, achieving 30% to 50% savings during make-ready and reducing more than 10% of production waste.”


Quality: A premise and a promise

Ubierna says that the AVT solutions are fundamental to Litalsa: "With the AVT solutions, we have fewer non-conformities, less customer complaints, less waste as well as superior quality. This allows us to retain customer loyalty: the more controlled the production, the more quality and security we can offer. The installation is simple, fast, and maintenance is scarce. What’s not to like?”

Ubierna continues: “We work with some of the world's largest manufacturers of packaging, closures and metal products, so we cannot permit any errors to reach our clients. We have the certifications, we are the market leader, our reputation for quality is – and must continue to be - unquestioned. As such, strong print inspection systems that can immediately detect print defects are vital to our operations.”

Ubierna concludes: "Since 2008, Litalsa has invested 40 million euros into improving its production capacity, thanks to the infusion of investment funds that allowed us to increase annual revenue nearly 250% to about 27 million euros. Now, our goal is to continue to grow and improve the service to our customers as much as possible, while identifying any new opportunities in the market and implementing them with rock solid guarantees. With the help and support of AVT, we are confident we will be able to achieve this."



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About Litalsa

Litalsa is one of the largest independent lithography and varnishing companies in the world. Litalsa provides high quality offset printing services and metal plate varnishing that customers subsequently transform into a wide variety of products ranging from the classic can for food to aerosols, decorative packaging, twist off caps or corona stoppers. 70% of Litalsa's production goes to the European market, while the remaining 30% is distributed between the South American and African markets. The 70 million sheets are printed each year and there are 150 employees at the 16,000 m2 facilities built in the Alava village of Oyón (Spain). For more information, visit