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  • How it Works
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Perform setup for AVT inspection systems installed on presses, laminators and rewinders in one centralized location for maximum quality setup control and increased efficiency


Offline Setup ensures inspection consistency and quality standard setup across jobs, operators and presses. This is achieved by all settings made on a remote station by the same operator for AVT inspection systems installed on presses, laminators and rewinders based on the PDF of the job.
with Offline setup inspection job settings are performed offline, before print start and this way shortening time before print start and ensure inspection setup standardization & consistency.


Offline Setup supports AVT’s leading product lines, including Helios V 5.5 and above, Apollo V 5.6 and above, and Argus V 5.6 and above











Designed to improve print quality by standardizing inspection results and address the needs for production process automation, setup is done on an offline station with dedicated AVT software installed.
Offline station operators prepare all the jobs in advance based on a PDF, so that all setup steps on the offline station can be reviewed and edited in the inspection system. Using the original PDF as a guide, operators can easily create a virtual project using actual dimensions and label/pack data.




  • Standardizes/regulates inspection results


  • Level-up users – easy operation for any user with the system in full run during setup


  • Prevents costly setup errors


  • Saves valuable production time on the press, laminator and rewinder