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Automatic Pressure Control to significantly reduce setup time and cut waste on CI Flexo presses


Presco automatically adjusts and fine-tunes the pressure of anilox and plate cylinders for all colors at once. It uses your AVT print inspection system to measure the initial pressure, while state-of-the-art algorithms analyze the image and send corrections to the press.


Presco is an add-on module to AVT’s print inspection systems, working with CI Flexo presses and supports jobs with any number of colors, automatically balancing left-to-right pressure settings.


AVT’s Presco quickly and accurately achieves optimal press settings;  using innovative, parallel settings of all cylinder registrations, it reduces your set-up time and cuts your waste, ensuring very fast ROI and dramatic cost savings.



Presco supports these AVT platforms:


  • Apollo Product Line
  • Argus Product Line
  • Jupiter Product Line
  • Helios Product Line




Boosts Productivity

Presco module provides highly accurate pressure control, for every job type and every shift, regardless of the number of colors or operator skills, increasing overall press productivity. Users gain rapid return on investment (ROI) and save valuable time with fast press set-up and deployment. In turn, customers benefit by reducing waste, resources and production costs, while preventing customer rejections.


Innovative Print Inspection Module

A fully-automated Pressure Control, Presco ensures that you print to the numbers, saving valuable time and waste. Presco works seamlessly on AVT’s market-leading Apollo, Argus, Jupiter and Helios print inspection systems.


Works seamlessly on any application and substrate

Presco accurately adjusts pressure on any substrate or application, from paper and carton boards, to flexible materials, clear and opaque substrates, surface or reverse print.