Working with the world’s leading press manufacturers, AVT has co-engineered a wide range of automated press controls for flexo, offset & digital. Going beyond standard print inspection software, AVT employs the industry’s most advanced cameras and most accurate sensors to automatically control the press settings that are essential for image quality.

Choose AVT press controls for: Pressure settings on flexo presses; Color adjustments on offset presses; and Automatic color register for virtually any print process.

Flexo: Plate Presssure


  • Increase plate lifespan
  • Start-up waste <50 meters
  • Calculate optimum pressure in

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Flexo: Closed-Loop Register


  • Registers up to 10 colors
  • Can correct large initial miss
  • Variety of targets, vertical or horizontal
  • Precise control for CI presses

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Flexo: Easy Automated Assist


  • Works with existing plates
  • No special marks or trim
  • Achieve register in <50 meter
  • Simple, click-and-set operation

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Offset: Remote Ink Control


  • Exact control of inking for litho presses
  • Inking pre-set from CtP
  • Quick, accurate on repeat jobs
  • Boosts productivity for all skill levels

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Offset: Closed-Loop Color


  • Absolute spectral color for litho web
  • Precise control for process and special inks
  • Saves time & materials at press starts
  • Controls any model of litho web

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Offset: Running Register


  • Microtargets for litho webs
  • Registers any color in any sequence
  • Adaptable to old or new presses

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