• Overview
  • Benefits

An innovative quality data management system that collects PrintFlow data from all inspection platforms with easy, remote access


An integral part of AVT’s PrintFlow II data solution, PrintFlow Manager II displays data collected from various platforms to enable supervisors,
QA engineers, production managers and other key personnel to monitor, analyze and control production quality right from their desktop PC.


The system boosts overall efficiency by making production data widely available to all users. Easily installed on your PC, it ensures that
all PrintFlow II data collected from AVT platforms is transferred to key managers and personnel. Data is collected and transferred automatically
to an SQL database, then sorted according to jobs, presses and other key factors, enabling users to immediately access
and analyze information.

PrintFlow Manager II supports AVT’s leading product lines, including Apollo Turbo HD , Argus Turbo Product Line,  Helios Product Line and Titan.





  • Fast, easy access from desktop PCs


  • Automatic data collection and transfer – no risk of lost data


  • Improves external communications with customers/suppliers