AVT’s offline print proofing solutions offer intelligent quality assurance and automated print verification for printing and converting.

These solutions can compare text and image files to an approved reference – whether that’s an electronic file, a fresh proof, or a prior print. AVT’s offline inspection and print proofing and verification solutions detect typical printing defects, from missing, added or broken text, to plate defects and color variations. Whether you are in need of a digital proofing tool for artwork and digital files, or a press proof software for any type of printed application, AVT’s offline proofing inspection has a solution available, tailored to your production line needs.

Not only does manual proofing time decrease, but the reliability of the verification also increases dramatically. No more hours lost on error-prone print proofing and visual comparisons.

Automatically eliminate conversion errors and undetected defects before a single meter of waste have been accumulated. Contact us today to learn more about our offline proofing and verification solutions.

Optimized for PrePress


  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Layers management
  • Missing, added, or broken text
  • CFR 2s1 Part 11 validation

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Intelligent Check for
Plate & Press


  • Step & repeat sheets
  • Streamlined processing for large files
  • Barcode verification
  • Multi-design inspection

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