The publishing industry has rarely – if ever -, experienced a greater change. Processes that were settled for decades, or centuries, have been disrupted. As printing technologies change to handle these new realities, AVT provides the controls that will meet the new production demands.

Whether printing is done using digital, analog or hybrid technologies, AVT can supply automated solutions for proofing and file verification; for color management and control; and for the effective communication of image quality. AVT’s sophisticated machine vision technology enables effective, highly automated and waste-free print production environment, allowing publishers to move ahead of their competition in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing industry. From quickly automating set-up processes to 100% print inspection to press control and workflow automation – AVT’s range of technology and software has it all.

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Spectral Closed Loop Control


  • Absolute spectral measurement for litho web
  • Closed-loop control for leading press models
  • Saves start-up waste and time
  • Color compliance verified live at press side
  • SnapReg running register, option

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Precise Remote Ink Control


  • Exact digital positioning of ink key profiles
  • Adaptable to any litho press, old or new
  • Easy to operate for all skill levels
  • Automated pre-set for CtP data
  • SnapReg running register, option

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100% Inspection
for EP or Inkjet

Helios D

  • Detects spots & streaks
  • Automated print engine calibration
  • Automated Esko connectivity with pre-press
  • Workflow connectivity, end-to-end

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Automated Intelligent Copy Verification


  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Layers management
  • Missing, added, or broken text
  • CFR 2s1 Part 11 validation

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