AVT introduces an exclusive range of customer services to best maintain your print production process. Based on proven implementation methodology, our services are designed to help you maximize the value of your AVT products. We offer the resources and the expertise to successfully guide your entire print production lifecycle with efficient, reliable and long-term support – for your equipment and your business. 

AVT is the global leader in print process control, quality assurance, and press control for the packaging, labels, and commercial print industries, Backed by state-of-the-art technology and field-proven solutions, more than 7,000 AVT systems are installed at customer sites worldwide. AVT employs a global team of skilled and experienced engineers, all with a keen understanding of image processing, color science, electro-optical design and printing press systems, coupled with software and hardware development.


Value Added Services

AVT – committed to leading the industry to the highest standards, with hassle-free operation and profitable results.

AVT introduces a unique and innovative services offering for new and existing customers. Backed by superior knowhow and over a decade of market expertise, we are proud to offer a modular array of SLA packages to best address the needs of AVT customers.

A global and unified program, AVTCare guarantees the life of your equipment to enhance your business and improve the quality of your end product. AVTCare services offer a true and trusted insurance policy to mitigate your risk. We deploy proven preventive measures matched with high-quality technical support services to ensure seamless print production all the time – every time.

Developed and managed by a team of professionals with trusted, hands-on experience in the print production industry, AVTCare services give you a real competitive edge. We detect potential problems before they occur and we act fast to deliver a solution – with zero turnaround time. From comprehensive hot line support that includes 24/7 phone support with 1-3 hour response time* and our new remote access support from our customer service center, we guarantee the running ability and quality of your equipment.

AVTCare packages are tailored to meet the needs of your business and your budget. From Classic to Premium, our comprehensive range of preventive support services keep your business up and running 365 days a year. Benefit from an annual preventive maintenance visit that now includes parts and labor, resulting in unparalleled cost savings. Profit from timely software upgrades when you need them most – and keep your production line up and running with spare parts replacement guaranteed part shipment within 24-48 hours*. 


What’s Inside

Hot Line Support

Phone Support

AVTCare provides “around the globe” phone support services via customer support centers around the world, covering APAC, Americas and EMEA. Supported by teams of trained professionals, our unique, centralized 24/7 call center support guarantees that each case receives immediate attention. Phone support response time is fast and reliable, with response time guaranteed from 1-3 hours*. Your service requests are handled swiftly, helping to enable faster resolution.

Remote Access Support

 AVTCare offers customers innovative remote access support – cutting-edge technology backed by remote support tools and software that enable AVT technicians to view and access your production line directly from our customer support center. Our trained teams connect to a remote computer via the Internet and work directly on your equipment to detect and solve problems – in zero turnaround time. We can access your equipment from anywhere in the world to get the job done and get you up and running in no time.


Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit

An on-site examination of your equipment – hardware and software, is designed to decrease the risk of faults or failures in your production line and to ensure optimal performance scheduled to meet your needs. AVT’s factory trained Field Service Engineers are rigorously trained and tested on how to efficiently service our products, as well as on safety practices and electrical codes, offering our customers the highest level of service available in the industry today.


Software Upgrade

AVTCare software upgrades are an essential component in all AVT products. Software upgrades, limited to hardware upgrade required*, are enhanced and improved versions including bug fixes, additional features, ongoing platform compatibility and other fundamental software improvements.


Software Upgrade Kit (included)

 AVTCare software upgrade kit is included in all services packages, with comprehensive software upgrades and installing new versions of software.

(**Not including optical head elements)


Spare Parts

AVTCare guarantees the prompt replacement of parts required for the repair or replacement of failed units. We offer a uniquely fast and reliable return and/or replacement on all AVT parts. We take pride in our logistics and supply chain management with a large and diverse inventory of immediately available spare parts. To avoid unnecessary downtime and to keep your production line up and running, we process the shipment of spare parts (following request approval) within 24-48 hours*. 

(*Dependent on package purchased)