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An entry-level inspection system for Label Printers


SmartScan is a plug-n-play solution which offers simple and intuitive access to 100% print image monitoring for the label printer.

SmartScan enables missing labels detection, splice detection, unremoved matrix detections as well as flag detection.
Utilizing its 100% image monitoring capabilities, the system also offers the option to perform 100% gross defect detection.


  • Revolutionary Operating Concept:
    With SmartScan Revolutionary operating concept, no time is wasted for the system setup.


  • Unique Lighting Concept:
    With its unique lighting concept and dedicated algorithms, SmartScan supports opaque labels as well as transparent labels, clear-on-clear labels and gloss films. Virtually any label substrate can be reliably evaluated and tested.










  • Easy integration onto all common Printing and Finishing machines


  • The special LED lighting guarantees reliable results


  • Inspection speeds up to 250m/min


  • Counting of labels and errors


  • On Rewinder: signal output for exact positioning of the detected problems


  • On Press: signal output for alarm lights to alert the operator on detected problems