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Automated Quality Assurance and Verification Solution for artwork and digital files


With SoftProof, you can now efficiently inspect your artwork and digital files with pixel precision, quickly detecting missing text

and graphics, incorrect fonts and text size, broken type and color deviations.


Designed exclusively for pre-press and graphics departments, SoftProof helps avoid costly production errors, detecting changes

between various graphics files with pixel-to-pixel comparison – in just seconds!






  • Mac & PC compatible


  • Automatic repeat detection


  • Intelligent cropping and alignment utilities


  • Comprehensive and detailed reporting


  • Layers & separation management


  • Automatic die line removal


  • Validation documentation


  • Integrates with AMS, DMS, PLM or LIMS systems


  • Multi-lingual inspection


  • Centralized User Administration


  • Detects changes between graphics files with pixel-to-pixel precision


  • Prevents costly production errors


  • Reduces material waste


  • Increases overall production efficiency

  • Barcode Verification and Decoding tool available for PDF files, automatically locates all barcodes and grades each one per CEN/ANSI/ISO.


  • Braille Verification – Braille inspection and verification tool digitally inspects Braille text for added/missing Braille elements, ensuring that Braille text matches approved PDF


  • 21 CFR Part 11/ Annex 11 – Pharmaceutical compliance module including user management, login rules, report generation rules, audit trail database and report database


  • Validation Kit – A comprehensive validation kit including IQ/OQ/PQ documents and validation tools

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