The remarkable capabilities of 21st century flexography have made it the workhouse reproduction process for virtually every product category, and every quality level.

This tremendous range of products means that today’s flexo production processes are especially challenging for quality assurance technologies.

AVT proudly offers a leading-edge combination of superior vision technologies to deliver the highest level of process control and quality assurance for flexo. 

These benefits are further extended by AVT’s workflow, archiving, and report options, which allow the automated tracking of quality for every roll at every stage of the printing and finishing.

100% Inspection
for Labels

Helios Product Line

  • Inspection on press or rewinder
  • Detection at any web speed
  • Run-time PDF comparison
  • Coating & reflective inspection
  • Workflow Link, end-to-end connectivity

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Complete Suite of
Advanced Inspection

Argus Turbo HD

  • Detection for any width, any speed
  • In-line, absolute color measurement
  • Bar code grading
  • Workflow Link,  end-to-end connectivity

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100% Inspection
at any Web Width

Apollo Turbo HD

  • Hi-res detection at any speed, any width
  • Customizable sensitivities in Regions of Interest
  • Color monitoring
  • Workflow Link, end-to-end connectivity

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High Res
Process Control


  • Automated GoTo Defect
  • Bar code grading and inspection
  • Register & Pressure control
  • Optional Cold Seal inspection

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