Offset lithography holds a well-earned reputation as the most subtly ‘tuneable’ reproduction process – ready for the most demanding images.

Today, litho’s premium images increasingly require the quick and accurate establishment of standard printing conditions within the narrowest operating tolerances.

Delivering top quality on a litho press demands precise control of ink, color, and register: each performed rigorously, even while the presses run at hundreds of meters per minute.

Decades of experience at controlling lithography on presses of every size and from every major manufacturer are your assurance that AVT can supply proven controls for litho lines, old or new, throughout the press hall. Save time and waste with AVT’s color control solutions. Get precise, fully automated remote ink controlreduce start-up time and achieve accurate results on repeat work, time after time.

AVT offers unmatched automated control solutions for litho lines. Contact us today to hear more about our best-in-class offset quality control solutions.

100% Inspection for any width

Apollo Turbo HD

  • Customizable sensitivities for regions of interest
  • Color monitoring
  • Offline set-up based on PDF files
  • Detect missing or damaged type & images

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Precise Remote Ink Control


  • Exact digital positioning of ink key profiles
  • Adaptable to any litho press, old or new
  • Easy to operate for all skill levels
  • Automated pre-set for CIP data
  • SnapReg running register, optional


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Spectral Closed Loop Control


  • Absolute spectral color for litho web
  • Closed-loop control for leading press models
  • Reduces start-up waste and time
  • Color compliance verified live at press side
  • SnapReg running register, optional


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