Offline Setup

A new era in print quality standardization & inspection automation

Built on AVT’s advanced technology platforms, the Offline Setup solution raises the bar on production quality by standardizing inspection results and addressing the immediate need for production process automation. Now you can achieve and maintain high-quality production with a truly optimal inspection workflow. Designed and developed exclusively for contemporary printers, AVT’s Offline Setup is the first and only solution on the market today to effectively shorten setup time and reduce waste created during setup.

Offline Setup enables enhanced setup consistency and suitability between operators, where all settings are made by the same operator for all AVT inspection systems. Using the original PDF as a guide, operators can easily create a virtual project using actual dimensions and label/pack data. Simply put, actions operators do online, can now be done offline, eliminating valuable setup time, increasing production and optimizing your inspection workflow.

Discover how AVT can help reduce your setup time, increase production and optimize your print inspection workflow. Contact Us Today.

  1. Standardizes/regulates inspection results
  2. Level-up users – easy operation for any user with the system in full run during setup
  3. Prevents costly setup errors
  4. Dramatically reduces waste created during setup
  5. Saves valuable production time on the press, laminator and rewinder
  6. Enhances overall time management, decreasing labor/resource costs