A complete solution for HP web presses, both narrow and wide web

AVT partnered with other print industry leaders, such as Esko and dedicated MIS providers to offer the ultimate quality assurance solution combined with automatic process control for HP Digital presses.


The ZeroSet module was designed to provide real support to the digital print environment, enabling Zero setup time and eliminating operator intervention. With ZeroSet, even very short runs can be automatically inspected from the first copy, leading to a direct improvement in overall quality and process control.

Digital presses powered by an Esko DFE (Digital Front End), can benefit from automated inspection setup, job audit, print defect detection and process control, provided by AVT's worldwide known quality standards.

The ZeroSet Automatic Job Audit combines the ZeroSet and JobRef modules, to automatically compare a print to a Proof PDF without the need to cut the web, take it to an offline scan station, scan it, and wait for the comparison process. Next, the AVT solution will compose a report and send it to your MIS to be reviewed on any user terminal in the site. Even better, the report can be sent directly to the end customer instead of having him on site for job approvals.

As a result, our customers can print 10 or more 100% verified jobs, one after the other, without the need to stop or slow down production.

Enable zero setup time and eliminate operator intervention with the ZeroSet module. Contact Us For More Information.