WorkFlow Link for Packaging

Your reliable connection between printing and finishing, for efficient removal of defective material

WorkFlow Link enables the best of both worlds – superior process control and waste savings,

and ensuring that your customers produce defect-free material.

From printing through lamination, to rewinding, slitting or doctoring process, AVT’s Workflow

Link is both efficient and cost-effective. Once deployed, it carefully tracks and controls the

removal of defective material to help you deliver only quality products.

WorkFlow Link maximizes your entire operation with increased efficiency by eliminating the

need for manual inspection – so you can run your converting machinery at maximum speed.

Play Workflow Link Packaging Video
  1. Turbo 100% Inspection Platform for early defect detection
  2. Provides remote access to inspection data of all installed AVT inspection platforms
  3. Tailor-designed to suit your unique production flow
  4. Automatically controls/stops the rewinder based on data from the Inspection Platform
  5. Integration to Scale & Waste Turrets
  1.  End-to-End Traceability
  2. Quality & Process Control on your entire print production process
  3. Efficient cleaning on the rewinder at full speed
  4. Deliver perfect quality jobs to your customers
  5. Waste Reduction