WorkFlow Link For Labels

Your reliable connection between press and rewinder for efficient removal of defective material

WorkFlow Link is an optional add-on module for AVT 100% Automatic Inspection platforms. It provides remote access to PrintFlow data from all installed AVT 100% Inspection systems, and can be deployed in conjunction with the optional PrintFlow Manager, an innovative quality reporting management tool.
AVT customers using WorkFlow Link reported an increase in production speeds of up to a 100%.

An integral part of the workflow solution, 100% Automatic Inspection systems on press enables early detection of process defects. It enables operators to perform immediate corrective action to avoid printing waste. Ultimately, Automatic Inspection on press prevents costly errors and re-prints and enhances overall productivity.

Once deployed, Workflow Link increases finishing machine speed by eliminating the need to stop operation for every suspected defect. Operators can now allow machines to run at full capacity, automatically slowing down for real defects only.

  1. 100% AIS on press add-on module for early defect detection
  2. Provides remote access to PrintFlow data of all installed AVT 100% Inspection systems
  3. Operators can perform immediate corrective action to avoid printing waste
  4. Automatically controls/stops the rewinder based on data from the press
  5. Displays master/defect images for every detected fault
  1. Increased production speed
  2. Perfect print quality guaranteed
  3. Prevents costly errors and re-prints
  4. Quick and efficient defect removal process
  5. Rewinder runs at full speed, stops only on defects to be removed