Flexo Press Control

Backed by its pioneering vision technologies and deployed on hundreds of global print production lines, the AVT solutions raise the bar on communication interfaces for fast make-ready process on various Flexo presses. The process seamlessly integrates the AVT platform as an intimate part of the press, resulting in fast register and pressure setup for a fully automated press control process. Even before the production run begins, the system enables a significant reduction in set-up time and material waste by deploying its combined automatic register and pressure control solutions.

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Automatic Pressure Control for NW (Presco NW)

Automatic Pressure Control (Presco)

Semi-automatic target-less Register Control (iReg)

Automatic Register Control (pRegister)


Key benefits:

  • Faster registration and pressure make-ready
  • Fully automated process
  • Saves significant setup time
  • Dramatically reduces material waste
  • Easy to install and easy to use