Automatic Pressure Control for NW (Presco NW)

AVT’s Presco NW is an automatic plate & anilox Pressure pre-setting & control for in-line narrow web Flexo presses. A pioneering development of image based Pressure Control, this unique solution takes a traditional craft based process and turns it into a consistent and repeatable digital function.

As Presco NW requires no printed targets, it seamlessly closes the loop, determining plate & anilox positions while automatically and simultaneously bringing plate & anilox to optimal pressure.

Contact us today to learn how the Flexo Press Control can help you fully automate your press control process.

  1. Works with CI Flexo presses and Pressure Control
  2. Automatic & fast pressure pre-setting during make ready
  3. Material waste reduction
  4. Increased press utilization
  5. Sets the optimal pressure for best results and longer plate lifetime
  6. No printed targets required