Automatic Pressure Control (Presco)

The Presco module is AVT’s plate & anilox pressure set-up and control solution for Flexo CI presses, supporting presses with up to ten color stations, using small color targets and a communication link to the press. Presco closes the loop and determines plate & anilox positions while automatically and simultaneously bringing plates & anilox to optimal pressure. Presco setup is simple, fast & easy to use and includes an optional left-to-right pressure balance control and manual pressure fine-tuning. Presco dramatically reduces the pressure setup time & material waste.

Contact us today to learn how the Flexo Press Control can help you fully automate your press control process.

  1. Works with CI Flexo presses and end
  2. A unified platform for Inspection & Pressure Control
  3. Automatic & fast pressure pre-setting during make ready
  4. Material waste reduction
  5. Increased press utilization
  6. Sets the optimal pressure for best results and longer plate lifetime