Automatic Register Control (pRegister)

Experience the benefits of a more fully automated press control with AVT’s automatic register control technology. These register control systems provide package printers and converters with a significant boost to both productivity and quality in the pressroom.

AVT’s automated register control, pRegister, significantly reduces material waste, and saves press time as well. Using small, easily printed targets and an electronic communications link to the press, pRegister closes the loop, consistently setting each color plate into superb registration. AVT’s automatic register control system can handle jobs with up to twelve colors. pRegister can automate register control on virtually any model of modern CI press. It can achieves register as tight as 15 microns. And, pRegister delivers automatic register control for webs of all sizes and for almost any substrate.

Color register, which was once a time-consuming cycle of manual trial and error becomes a fast, reliable process that achieves the best register, time after time. High-quality, automated color registration is just one more benefit of AVT’s machine vision technology. The same vision system that is fighting color variations, finding missing text, and seeing scratches, streaks and smudges, can also set color register quickly and accurately. One more reason that AVT is the printer’s choice.

Contact us today to learn how our Automatic Register Control System can help you fully automate your press control process.

  1. Works with CI Flexo presses and supports jobs of up to 12 colors
  2. Setup is simple, fast and easy to complete
  3. pRegister range of operation resides between a very large initial mis-register error to a fine accuracy, which is quickly achieved, while reducing setup time and related waste
  1. A unified platform for Automatic Inspection & Register Control
  2. Automatic & fast register pre-setting during make ready
  3. High system accuracy: 15 microns
  4. Material waste reduction
  5. Increases press utilization