In-Line Color Measurement System & Reporting

Color Solutions for Labels and Packaging

For today’s leading brands, color, carefully chosen and rigorously managed, is the cornerstone of brand recognition.  That means that color management services have become essential for building and maintaining customer relationships for today’s printers and converters. Solutions for controlling color quality through every step of the printing process are included in AVT’s label and packaging platforms. Monitoring the accuracy of process or proprietary special inks’ formulation; carefully checking the consistency of color reproduction throughout the print run; and professionally documenting color quality with reliable, objective measurements — all these crucial color control operations are supported by AVT color management solutions.

AVT’s state-of-the-art vision inspection technologies and color management software assure the print quality of packaging and labels, no matter how challenging their design requirements. AVT ensures that the pressroom will serve as a dependable link in a superior color management process.

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SpectraLab II: In-Line Color Measurement Solution

Delta E Color Management System & Monitoring