SpectraLab II - Color Measurement System

In-line Automated Spectral Measurement Color Solution for the Packaging & Labels Printing Markets


Article: In-Line Color Measurement Spectrophotometer Improves Press Control and Customer Satisfaction

Get accurate color, even at high production speeds, with AVT’s color measurement tools. These color management solutions are designed to work as precise, ISO-standard color measuring instruments in a modern, color managed workflow. Using the proprietary technology for absolute, spectral color measurement, AVT’s SpectraLab gives printers the in-line measurement solutions that they need to produce consistent brand colors on packaging, labels, and more.

SpectraLab can build and store color libraries, which include unique customer colors, in an AVT database. And SpectraLab can import and export color values directly from and to the customers’ own color banks, as well. This seamless synchronization of color references ensures that color standards are communicated consistently and accurately, using the latest color management methods.

Although built to meet the strictest standards of modern color science, AVT’s innovative SpectraLab is simple to operate: Printers can put it to work with just a few simple selections on user-friendly controls. Objectively monitoring the printed color throughout the roll, as it prints, will put the operator in control of color quality as never before.

Based on AVT’s award winning SpectraLab platform, with tens of installations worldwide, SpectraLab ll, the company’s in-line spectral measurement and monitoring device, offers new levels of automation, introducing enhanced in-line to offline color measurement correlation.

SpectraLab ll ensures that you print to the numbers, supporting your color make-ready and production, saving valuable time and costly press stops.

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Innovative system controls your print color

Supporting the highest possible production speeds, SpectraLab ll effectively measures color on variety of substrates, from paper and carton boards to flexible materials. With enhanced color reporting and immediate alerts when colors shift out of tolerance, SpectraLab ll supports common file standards, to easily communicate with 3rd party reporting systems and databases.

This optional, add-on module is deployed based on AVT’s inspection platforms, new or existing and is compliant with ISO standards (ISO 13655 and ISO 5-3).


Play Video: Introduction to Inline Absolute Color Measurement
  1. Real ISO standard Spectrophotometer for absolute L*a*b*, Density, and Dot Gain measurement
  2. Measures either on color patches or in-image areas
  3. Measures during make-ready and production at full press speeds - no need for press stops
  4. Small form-factor and optimized “between the press frame” design for new or retrofit installation
  5. Color import and export capabilities support industry-standard formats
  6. Clear, easy-to-use display of all color measurements, trends, thresholds, and visual comparisons
  7. Built-in color reporting mechanisms for press-side and post-production analyses