Inspection for Labels & NW

Advanced 100% Automatic Inspection & Quality Assurance solutions for Labels & Narrow Web applications
A trusted, market-proven solution, AVT’s Helios & NYSCAN are a superior automatic 100% print inspection solutions designed exclusively for labels and narrow web printing.
The product lines include Helios II, Helios EL & NYSCAN, dedicated to support every stage of the production process, and Helios S & Helios S Turbo, a uniquely designed systems that support an extensive range of printed materials. As a matter of fact, more than 90% of the world’s top 20 label and narrow web print houses chose AVT as their quality management system provider.
AVT’s innovative solutions deliver unwavering process control and 100% quality assurance capabilities throughout the entire print production workflow, from setup through printing to finishing, inspecting any application and any substrate or print type. With the most advanced 100% automatic inspection tools on the market, AVT’s inspection solutions and modules are designed to support every step of the production process, addressing the unique needs of each production stage – to deliver 100% inspection – 100% of the time.

Helios Turbo HD