Helios D: Print Defect Detection System

Advanced 100% Automatic Inspection Solution for Labels & Narrow Web Digital Printing

Digital printing technologies don’t eliminate the customer’s expectation that the printer will detect and remove a print defects. A print defect detection system is as essential for digital workflows as for any traditional analog process.  At AVT, we have re-imagined our sophisticated print defect detection for digital workflows. Not only does AVT’s Helios D reliably catch errors and defects in digital print; but Helios D pinpoints the root causes of those print defects, are points to the way to fixing them, quickly. These are the insights that you should expect from a systematic solution.

Uniquely Tailored to Support Digital Printing Needs

Easily installed on any digital press, the Helios D print defect detection system immediately identifies defects, such as missing nozzles, spots, substrate damages and color changes as soon as they occur. This real-time assessment effectively reduces waste, enhances production performance and, over time, provides comprehensive inkjet print head status monitoring. Further, Helios D is designed to work seamlessly on any application and substrate – from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals, label stock to transparent film, or on any highly-reflective foil.

Robust Inspection Algorithms

Designed exclusively for digital printing, the Helios D print defection inspection system is equipped with advanced algorithms to detect specific digital defects, including missing/deviating nozzles, non-uniform colors, and ink dripping on top of other common print defects, such as Die-cut register and Matrix removal problems.  

Seamlessly Connected to Your Workflow 

With fast and easy automated setup time of one minute or less, clear and concise pop-up messages and smart alerts, Helios D allows operators to take immediate action once a defect starts, resulting in significant waste reduction.

Built-in Archiving and Reporting

Equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, Helios D efficiently handles all data archiving and reporting, including detailed information about the status of the inkjet print heads.

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  1. Deploys dedicated, advanced algorithms designed to detect any type of defect
  2. Recognized as the industry’s leading, user-friendly inspection system
  3. Built-in archiving and reporting, including an innovative, built-in PrintFlow module
  4. Efficient in-line monitoring tool reports total good material printed
  5. Works seamlessly on any substrate and any application
  1. JobRef - Enables verification at the set-up stage by automatically comparing the job to the original, customer-approved digital PDF file
  2. Offline Setup - Remotely prepare jobs for inspection, based on digital PDF. Save valuable time on press and ensure quality standards
  3. IΔeal - In-line Delta E color measurements anywhere on the image, performed during and in parallel to print inspection, displays graphical view of color differences and reports statistics
  4. RLT (Repeat Length Trend) - Enables monitoring/alerts on repeat trend changes
  5. Barcode & Variable Data Verification - 100% verification of 1D/2D variable barcodes, including readable human codes; all codes are inspected/verified against a database, alerting on readability, quality, missing codes, duplications and sequence
  6. Reflective Support - Enables inspection/detection of defects on all reflective materials and inks; maintaining the same high quality standards for diffusive/reflective parts
  7. Clear-on-Clear - Enables easy/accurate defect detection deploying a unique backlight mechanism to illuminate transparent/semi-transparent web