Barcode Verification: Helios Turbo HD

Recognized as the leading inspection system on the market today, Helios Turbo HD is designed to boost inspection efficiency and pave the way towards the future of print inspection and process control.

Using cutting-edge machine vision technology and image processing capabilities, Helios Turbo HD is an ultra-powerful platform that supports current and future converting equipment, regardless of machine speed, width or technology, to deliver quality results – every time.

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Few, if any, image elements are linked more closely than bar codes to the meaning of words “print quality” for today’s print buyer. As barcodes have become a universal means for tracking products throughout the distribution chain, the task of assuring their integrity and usability has become an absolute requirement. Highly reliable inspection, grading, and verification of bar codes of all sizes and types is now an essential service that is regularly demanded of any printer or converter who supplies the world’s leading CPCs.

Every year, bar codes become more graphically complex and more challenging to inspect and verify. Helios Turbo HD brings cutting-edge machine vision to bear on this difficult assignment. Sophisticated image analysis software continually assesses the images captured by Helios’ high-resolution cameras in order to reliably detect barcode defects. Automatic warnings alert operators when barcode inspection results do not match expected values, enabling timely corrective actions and minimizing the need to scrap or reprint. Detailed reporting of quality and barcode scoring is available to document bar code quality for both internal and external evaluators.

Unrivalled in barcode inspection accuracy, efficiency and quality, AVT's Helios Turbo HD stands alone as the world's leading quality inspection system for barcode verification.

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  1. Deploys dedicated, advanced algorithms designed to detect any type of defect
  2. Recognized as the industry’s leading, user-friendly inspection system
  3. Built-in archiving and reporting, including an innovative, built-in PrintFlow module
  4. Efficient in-line monitoring tool reports total good material printed
  5. Works seamlessly on any substrate and any application
  1. Significantly reduces waste and production costs
  2. Immediately detects developing defects
  3. Decreases over-printing/re-printing
  4. Boosts overall productivity and efficiency
  1. Delivers 100% quality assurance
  2. Automatically stops at defect location
  3. Enables fast and easy roll clean-up
  4. Eliminates customer rejections