A reliable and proven 100% Inspection Solution for Labels and Narrow Web Printers

With a special Tubelight illumination and a reliable 100% Inspection Solution, NYSCAN was specifically designed and developed for Labels and Narrow Web printers.

NYSCAN is an Automatic 100% Inspection system for labels and other narrow web printing applications. The system automatically inspects the printed labels or packages for defects, offering a reliable quality guarantee and elimination of customer rejection

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  1. Deploys dedicated, advanced algorithms designed to detect any type of defect
  2. Recognized as the industry’s leading, user-friendly inspection system
  3. Built-in archiving and reporting, including an innovative, built-in PrintFlow module
  4. Efficient in-line monitoring tool reports total good material printed
  5. Works seamlessly on any substrate and any application
  1. Significantly reduces waste and production costs
  2. Immediately detects developing defects
  3. Decreases over-printing/re-printing
  4. Boosts overall productivity and efficiency
  1. Delivers 100% quality assurance
  2. Automatically stops at defect location
  3. Enables fast and easy roll clean-up
  4. Eliminates customer rejections
  1. Clear-on-Clear
  2. Reflective
  3. PDF Comparison
  4. BDE Database Interface
  5. Touch Screen
  6. LiveView
  7. WorkFlow
  8. Distance Measurement