100% print inspection for metal decorating applications

Titan provides 100% inspection of every print defect to better control the printing process, reduce waste and increase quality.

The Titan best-in-class quality assurance platform ensures detection and traceability of every printed metal sheet, while all important print production defects are detected and traced during the production stages. A uniquely flexible design supports any type of metal decorated sheets and any type of application. All of these functions, along with the easy upgrade abilities, maintain your investment and market competitiveness.

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  1. Printing problems are immediately detected and shown on screen as they start to evolve
  2. Early warning of evolving defects enable operators to react fast and resolve problems before waste is created
  3. Defective sheets can be ejected automatically to the waste bin or diverted automatically for further verification
  1. Enhances overall product quality
  2. Reduces waste and production costs
  3. Generates new business opportunities
  4. Guarantees a competitive advantage and market leadership