Apollo Turbo

100% Quality Assurance for Wide Web Packaging Applications

AVT systems are based on dedicated algorithms and solutions to efficiently inspect any feature or problem, offering complete, end-to-end process control and quality solutions supporting any type of web print technology. AVT Apollo Turbo is a superior automatic 100% quality assurance system for wide web packaging applications. Designed exclusively for press and post-press, Apollo Turbo visually inspects a range of printed materials, including transparent, flexible or reflective substrates commonly used in the packaging industry, efficiently and automatically detecting imperfections in real-time. The system can be installed on a press for online quality assurance and process control, or alternatively, be seamlessly integrated into rewinder/finishing equipment to create a combined Automatic Inspection Station.

Simple to install and deploy, Apollo Turbo visually indicates the exact location and type of each defect and in parallel, records all relevant defect data into roll reports. The system automatically detects print defects, including color variations, doctor blade streaks, misprints, low contrast defects, mis-registration, spots, splashes and more.

Once installed and deployed on a laminator, the system effectively detects common lamination errors, such as glue misprint, material folding or air bubbles. Further, the system’s self-generated reports enable easy tracking of the marked defects during the finishing process, resulting in 100% guaranteed quality assurance on every print job.

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  1. Automatic 100% quality assurance system for wide web packaging applications
  2. Visually inspects wide range of printed materials, automatically detecting defects in real-time
  3. Can be installed on a press for online quality assurance/process control or integrated into rewinder/finishing equipment
  4. Visually indicates exact location/type of each defect, recording all relevant defect data into roll reports
  5. Self-generated reports enable easy tracking of marked defects during the finishing process
  1. Enhances overall print process and product quality
  2. Reduces waste, resources and production costs
  3. From zero to any speed in record time; quick/easy set-up, deployment and turnaround time
  4. User-friendly, operator-oriented system, minimal training required
  5. Intuitive, Wizard-guided process flow
  6. Fast and easy integration/deployment into overall production process
  7. Works with any substrate/application