Argus E Turbo

Combination solution for 100% print inspection with highest possible resolution viewing and process control capabilities

AVT’s industry-leading 100% inspection systems are uniquely suited to any substrate or application. Best in class inspection system that provides unmatched inspection capabilities supporting all your print quality needs. Argus E Turbo is a unique combination of superior vision technologies to deliver the highest level of in-line process control and quality assurance on all your print jobs. The system combines 100% inspection at the highest possible speeds and high zoom viewing capabilities, coupled with optional features for press control, verification, detection and color measurement.

Argus E Turbo efficiently detects a wide range of print and material defects, including color variations, doctor blade streaks, misprints, low contrast defects, mis-registration, spots and splashes. Throughout the print process, random defects are automatically marked according to a selected quality threshold. When required, the system’s high-resolution optical head is directed to the suspected defect location for further inspection. If a process defect is in question, operators can quickly and efficiently address the problem and correct the relevant source. At the end of each roll, the system generates a report citing defect locations, including precise defect images and its corresponding master.

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  1. Fully automated 100% quality assurance and print process control
  2. Intuitive user interface with easy online guide, minimizes job setup
  3. Detection and alerts on wide range of print defects, while eliminating false alarms
  4. Categorizes defects according to type with easy on-screen view
  5. Easily upgradable software-driven platform
  6. Locates/marks defects for analysis, archiving and reporting
  7. Presets system sensitivities for individual print jobs
  8. Supports all web press substrates/applications
  1. Ensure consistent print quality on every job
  2. Increase overall press productivity
  3. Gain rapid return on investment (ROI)
  4. Save valuable time with fast press set-up/deployment
  5. Reduce waste, resources and overall production costs
  6. Prevent customer rejections