Argus Turbo

Combination Inspection Solution for Process & Quality Control

AVT delivers a range of best-in-class technology and solutions for the packaging market. AVT’s comprehensive process control and quality assurance solutions support virtually any type of printed webs on any substrate and any packaging application.

Argus Turbo, AVT’s flagship system, is a fully automatic Quality Assurance and Process Control system designed to deliver unparalleled quality and control of all your print jobs. To achieve high-quality results, the system combines two advanced sensing technologies: 100% inspection of the web 100% of the time, while in parallel, an area-based camera zooms-in to various locations of interest, integrating 100% high-resolution at the highest possible speeds. This unique combination results in superior viewing capabilities and process control tasks.

To guarantee consistent print quality, the system visually inspects all types of printed materials, including color variations, mis-registration, streaks, barcodes, splashes, misprints and more. Argus Turbo visually indicates the position and type of defect, enabling operators to quickly address problem areas and correct the relevant defect source. The system visually inspects all types of printed materials, including standard transparent and flexible substrates, identifying random and process print problems before they result in waste and customer rejection.

Both repeating and random defects are automatically marked according to selected quality thresholds, and if necessary, the high-resolution matrix camera is pointed to the suspected defect location for further investigation of the problem. A report issued at the end of roll indicates the defects’ location, including images of the defect and its corresponding master. This enables intuitive tracing of the waste during the finishing process, before sending the printed job to the customer.

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  1. Comprehensive, fully-automated 100% quality assurance and print process control
  2. Detection and alerts on wide range of print defects, while eliminating false alarms
  3. Marks all defects for further analysis, archiving and reporting
  4. Presets system sensitivities for individual print jobs
  5. Categorizes defects according to type with easy on-screen view
  6. Connects to print house ERP for seamless job download
  7. Easily upgradable software-driven platform
  1. Ensures consistent print quality on every job
  2. Increases overall press productivity
  3. Saves valuable time with fast press set-up/deployment
  4. Reduces waste, resources and overall production costs
  5. Supports all web press substrates/applications
  6. Intuitive user interface with easy online guide, minimizes job setup
  7. Prevents customer rejections