Jupiter Upgrade to 100% Inspection

Protect Your Investment, Upgrade now to 100% Inspection!

Now you can UPGRADE your current Jupiter system to Argus Turbo, AVT’s flagship solution for print inspection – and get the best available quality assurance and process control – all in one package! When you upgrade your current Jupiter to 100% inspection, the Argus Turbo platform merges the system’s dual-camera technology into a single robust solution. The Argus Turbo line-scan camera inspects 100% of the printed web 100% of the time, while the Jupiter’s area camera zooms-in to specific locations at high magnification. The high-resolution line scan cameras and advanced LED illumination capabilities integrated into the system, ensure optimal inspection quality at any production speed. 100% inspection lets you control every stage of the production process from job verification of the PDF file to prevent costly errors, through print quality, color consistency, repeat length and downstream to finishing (using automatic marking or a complete workflow solution).

  1. Puts the operator in complete control, guaranteeing only top-quality jobs are produced
  2. Fully automated 100% quality assurance and print process control
  3. Significantly reduces waste-related production costs, resulting in rapid ROI
  4. Locate/s marks defects for analysis, archiving and reporting
  5. Supports all web press substrates/applications
  1. Ensure consistent print quality on every job
  2. Increase overall press productivity
  3. Save valuable time with fast press set-up/deployment
  4. Prevent customer rejections
  5. Reduce waste, resources and overall production costs