Inspection & Quality

AVT delivers complete, end-to-end process control and quality solutions supporting any type of web print technology and boasts the largest global install base of quality assurance and Inspection systems. AVT solutions deliver a unique combination of automatic 100% print inspection and quality control. Backed by AVT’s pioneering vision technologies, our inspection solutions raise the bar on in-line process control and quality assurance, resulting in the delivery of high-quality print jobs.

Automatic 100% Print Inspection and Quality Control For All Your Print Jobs. Contact Us Today!

Helios Turbo HD



Over 50% of all high-end inspection and quality assurance systems installed are AVT platforms, serving hundreds of print packaging customers around the globe. AVT’s innovative, field-proven solutions boast a fully automated inspection process that includes an intuitive user interface with an easy-to-use online guide, dramatically minimizing job setup time. Our inspection systems automatically detect critical defects, while eliminating false alarms, enhancing the overall workflow process. All print defects are categorized according to type with easy on-screen view, indicating the precise defect location on full repeat images. Further, AVT’s inspection systems connect to the print house’s ERP system for seamless job download.

Quality Inspection Boosts Your Productivity

  •  Ensure consistent print quality on every job
  •  Increase overall press productivity
  • Gain rapid return on investment (ROI)
  •  Save valuable time with fast press set-up/deployment
  •  Reduce waste, resources and overall production costs
  • prevent customer rejections