The Next Generation of Spectral Closed-Loop Color Control

Close-loop color control is the only cost-effective approach for color management on today’s high-speed offset presses. Whether your aim is a standard printing condition or your own customized press targets, AVT’s Clarios will get the press to color faster, and hold tighter tolerances than any manual or off-line measurement system. Enjoy the precise control that on-web, 31-channel spectral measurement make possible.

Printers see immediate, color-accurate feedback on press-side displays. Whether the work involves special, spot color or standard process inks, the superior accuracy of Clarios’ spectral measurements allows accurate color matching on every job. Clarios finds cycles and trends in press variation, before they become color quality problems. The same scanning process that provides closed-loop color control for the running press, is also, automatically, collecting a detailed record of press conditions.  That process knowledge can drive continuous improvement of the quality of your offset color reproduction process.

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  1. Proven, ISO-standard spectral measurement technology delivers unsurpassed accuracy
  2. Intuitive touch screen operation reduces make-ready time
  3. Immediate, on-screen feedback on TVI enables compliance with print standards
  4. All spectral/density results are stored for re-use and process control analysis
  1. Faster, more precise closed-loop color adjustments reduce waste
  2. Reliable implementation of complex print specifications meets customers’ needs
  3. Detailed reports on paper/ink printability and press performance improves overall print quality
  4. Rapid Response Scanning reacts faster to control version changes/press events
  1. Spectral Reporting and Charting
  2. CIP Interpreter ink key pre-setting
  3. Tone Value Analysis (tone reproduction analysis/data export)
  4. SnapReg - color-to-color register/cut-off
  5. Smart Densities (ISO conformance support)
  6. RunTime Data Export