Press Control

Building on 20 years of experience with the world’s leading press manufacturers, AVT has engineered a wide range of automated press controls. Beyond detecting defects, AVT’s control systems perform advanced image and color analysis that can evaluate the live image, as it’s printed, to drive the press quickly and automatically to optimum print conditions. AVT automation can save time and reduce waste by controlling several press settings that are essential for image quality: Pressure settings on flexo presses; Color adjustments on offset presses; and Color-to-color registration for virtually any print process.

In each case, AVT employs the industry’s most advanced cameras and most accurate sensors to drive both waste reduction and quality improvement. So, dramatic reductions in start-up are regularly achieved when AVT press controls go to work. This means that an AVT solution generates greater returns on investment, more quickly, than less advanced inspection systems which merely check for printed defects.

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