Apollo 30K

100% Inspection for the HP Indigo 30000 folding carton press

A superior solution to ensure high productivity and high-quality printed products    

AVT Apollo 30K is uniquely designed for the HP Indigo 30000 Folding Carton press, featuring a dedicated end-to-end solution for 100% sheet inspection supporting various converting workflows.

The system provides full process control and trend monitoring, in addition to a comprehensive quality assurance package.

Integrated into the Tresu inline iCoat unit, the Apollo 30K inspects the quality and validity of every printed sheet. The system immediately alerts on process and trend issues that can be resolved by the press operator, as well as recording all defects into the system database.

Apollo 30K automatically detects print and substrate defects, including color variations, streaks, misprints, low contrast defects, mis-registration, spots, splashes and more.

System set-up is quick and intuitive and performed using a PDF file, to enable inspection from the very first sheet and no set-up waste!

Apollo 30K automatically ejects defective sheets to the ejection tray when large or continuous defects are detected, or alternatively, tracks individual packages downstream, ejecting them at the folder gluer stage.

The system’s high resolution and high speed ensures print quality, data validity, barcodes and numbers tracking, as well as color monitoring – all in one pass!

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  1. PrintFlow - Built-in module enables automatic data archiving and SQL-based roll and job reporting, including defect location, defect images and print quality statistics
  2. Inspection Profiles - Fast and easy generation for seamless set-up and improved control of quality standards
  3. Good Material Count - Powerful, built-in on-line monitoring of “good to ship” material, ensures sufficient good material is printed prior to the next job change
  4. Job Set-Up with PDF - Saves set-up time and material by performing most of the set-up using a digital PDF while the press is not running
  5. Regions of Interest (ROI) - Sets various sensitivities or profiles to different regions in the package; provides enhanced detection in important areas with reduced sensitivities in less critical areas
  6. QuickSet - Fast, automatic “Zero Set-up” time for repeating jobs
  1. Reflective Support Module - Used for inspection of highly reflective materials, inks or foils
  2. JobRef - Job verification using the original, customer-approved PDF file verifies the job is correct prior
  3. MasteRef - Master-to-master verification for re-runs
  4. IΔEal - In-line Delta E color monitoring anywhere in the image, performed during and in-parallel to print inspection, displays graphical view of color differences and reports statistics
  5. Ejector Interface - Automatically triggers any marking/ejecting device to eject defective sheets
  6. ProMIS - Enables bi-directional communication with MIS (ERP) systems in the print production environment for simple, quick and secure set-up processes
  7. PrintFlow Manager - Remote access to PrintFlow data from all installed systems
  8. Barcode Verification - 100% verification of printed barcodes; checks/alerts on barcode decoding, quality and ANSI grading
  9. Barcode & Variable Data Verification - 100% verification of 1D/2D variable barcodes, including readable human codes; all codes are inspected/verified against a database, alerting on readability, quality, missing codes, duplications and sequence