A premium package makes a statement and creates and an enduring connection between the customer and the contents.

The luxury container becomes emblem in itself. The high-end container today is an eye-catching construction that uses reflective and holographic effects, exotic new inks and coatings; textured and embossed surfaces – all manufactured at higher and higher speeds.

Advanced packaging inspection systems from AVT are ready to keep pace with the ever-accelerating advances in premium packaging. AVT systems can see, record, and track even subtle defects in today’s sophisticated designs.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Argus Turbo HD

  • Superb Inspection for paper, film, foil
  • Barcode verification
  • In-line spectral color measurement
  • Clear on clear inspection
  • Workflow end-to-end connectivity

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100% Inspection

Apollo Turbo HD

  • Hi-res detection at any speed
  • In-line spectral color measurement
  • Run-time PDF comparison
  • Workflow end-to-end connectivity

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Digital Print

Helios D

  • For EP or inkjet
  • 100% print inspection
  • Barcode quality control
  • Connects to Esko Automation EngineTM

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High Res Process Control


  • Automated GoTo defect
  • Barcode grading
  • Register & pressure controls
  • Haze monitoring


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