A premium package makes a statement and creates an enduring connection between the customer and the contents. The luxury container becomes an emblem in itself. The high-end container today is an eye-catching construction that uses reflective and holographic effects, exotic new inks and coatings; textured and embossed surfaces – all manufactured at higher and higher speeds, driving production costs up, and increasing the potential loss generated by misprints and defects.

This creates an even greater challenge for luxury package printers and converters. Now more than ever, they need reliable quality control and inspection systems that can keep up with the changing industry and consumer preferences. AVT vision systems maintain t   the feeling of luxury and quality that has been so carefully constructed.

Advanced packaging inspection systems from AVT are ready to keep pace with the accelerating advances in premium packaging. AVT systems can see, record, and track even subtle defects in today’s sophisticated designs.

Contact us to learn more about our tobacco and luxury product packaging inspection systems and what we can do to push your business, and your profits, forward.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Argus Turbo HD

  • Superb Inspection for paper, film, foil
  • Barcode verification
  • In-line spectral color measurement
  • Clear on clear inspection
  • Workflow end-to-end connectivity

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100% Inspection

Apollo Turbo HD

  • Hi-res detection at any speed
  • In-line spectral color measurement
  • Run-time PDF comparison
  • Workflow end-to-end connectivity

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Digital Print

Helios D

  • For EP or inkjet
  • 100% print inspection
  • Barcode quality control
  • Connects to Esko Automation EngineTM

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High Res Process Control


  • Automated GoTo defect
  • Barcode grading
  • Register & pressure controls
  • Haze monitoring


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