AVT Training Services

AVT’s comprehensive range of Training Services provides tailor-made training courses to increase user knowledge and optimize the implementation of your AVT solutions. We deliver focused, cost-effective training to maximize your organization’s ability to successfully operate, configure and manage print inspection, production data archiving and reporting using AVT products.

AVT courses are a combination of presentations, discussions and hands-on exercises, where participants acquire new skills and knowledge through valuable practice sessions. Our instructor-facilitated classroom includes up-to-date rewinders, inspection systems and data and workflow products to simulate an actual work environment.

All courses are conducted at one of AVT’s global Vision Centers in Atlanta, Belgium and Israel.

Product Course Name Participants Duration* Course Content
Apollo Advanced Operation Operators 3
  • System features, components and associated functions
  • System navigation, operation, configuration and troubleshooting
  • System preparation
  • New/old job set-up
  • Print inspection solutions, production data archiving and reporting
  • Analyze alarms and set appropriate system sensitivities
  • Best use/benefits of AVT products in daily production process
  • Basic case troubleshooting
Jupiter Advanced Operation Operators 3
WorkFlow Link** Advanced Operation Operators 1
Helios Advanced Operation Operators 3
  •  Ensuring required end-product quality
  • Performing quality analysis utilizing various tools
  • Creating print quality reports
  • Efficient print quality control with minimum resources (time and materials)


Helios Quality and Measurements Expert Operators Quality Managers Production Managers 3

*Course duration in days

**Following 3 days of Helios Advanced Operation training

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