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Automated Quality Assurance and Verification Solution for any type of printed application

SolidProof ensures that no critical errors have been overlooked in the print production process.

With SolidProof, you will no longer need to spend hours on manual and visual inspection of printed materials.

Now you can automatically eliminate conversion errors and undetected defects during the pre-press stage, before a single
meter of waste has been accumulated and before the product is delivered to your customer.

  • Automatic repeat detection
  • Advanced error detection
  • Intelligent cropping and alignment utilities
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Integrates with AMS, DMS, PLM or LIMS systems
  • Multi-lingual inspection
  • Centralized User Administration
  • Layers & Separation management


  • Decrease need for manual/visual inspection
  • Automatically eliminate conversion errors/undetected defects
  • Dramatically reduce waste
  • Increase production speed
  • Prevent costly errors and re-prints

  • Barcode Verification – Barcode verification and decoding tool verifies artwork and scanned barcodes at the checkout counter
  • Braille Verification – Braille inspection and verification tool digitally inspects Braille text for added/missing Braille elements, ensuring that Braille text matches approved PDF
  • Wide Format Support – Support for Wide Format applications, supporting scanners up to 56″/ 1422 mm wide
  • 21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11 – Pharmaceutical compliance module including user management, login rules, report generation rules, audit trail database and report database
  • Validation Kit – A comprehensive validation kit including IQ/OQ/PQ documents and validation tools

Please note that for some scanner models (such as Contex scanners) you should order from the scanner provider additional software (such as Next Image) and install it.


Booklet ScannerFUJITSUFi-7460
A4 (Flatbed)EPSONPerfection V550
A4 (Flatbed)EPSONPerfection V600
A3 (Flatbed)EPSONDS-50000
A3 (Flatbed)EPSONExpression 12000 XL GA
A2 (Flatbed)CONTEXHD iFlex
A2 (Flatbed)CONTEXHD IQ Flex
A2 (Flatbed)Image AccessWidetek 25
A1 (Flatbed)MICROTEKLS-3700
A1 (Flatbed)MICROTEKLS4600
24″ Width X Any Length
(Roll Scanner)
36″ Width X Any Length
(Roll Scanner)
36″ Width X Any Length
(Roll Scanner)
CONTEXHD Ultra i3650s
42″ Width X Any Length
(Roll Scanner)
CONTEXHD Ultra i4250S
44″ Width X Any Length
(Roll Scanner)
60″ Width X Any Length
(Roll Scanner)
CONTEXHD Ultra 6000

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